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The search for rankings

Over recent years Google has adjusted its search ranking algotithim a number of times. The latest tweak back at the end of April saw it favouring mobile-friendly sites over all others – which means if you’re not mobile-friendly you could find yourself dropping down the rankings and losing website hits from search.


Responsive sites are here to stay and if you have a site that’s three years old or more, chances are it’s not mobile-friendly or responsive. And in today’s increasingly mobile world that’s a real issue.


In 2014 what seemed unthinkable a few years ago became a reality when mobile usage overtook fixed access (desktop) for the first time, with the trend growing at pace. Just think of your own mobile usage, or how much time family members spend looking at tablets while the TV ads are on…


Data shows the average male user spends 29.5 hours a month on mobile apps or websites, whilst women spend a little more, at a couple of minutes under 31 hours.


Google’s new algorithm favours websites with large text, links that are easy to find and navigate, and a design that resizes to fit whatever screen it's viewed on, be that a laptop, phone or tablet. Our work with GRC, CentrePort’s ‘The Big Picture’ and Jack Hodder has adapted to these new rules, seeing us start with designs for the mobile platform and adapt them to desktop rather than the old-school approach of print, then desktop and mobile last.

Indeed, our own website is mobile friendly, as you’d expect! You can check your own here:


Fear not, though – Google still ranks sites based on the quality of the content and how well the search optimisation is built. However, if you’re mobile-friendly it could be the advantage you need to make the holy grail - a top 5 search result.





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The search for rankings

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