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The end of Dre-adful World Cup Ads?

I’ve never really thought of it before, but as the World Cup looms large the usual guff of footie advertising is rolled out by the sports giants and the brand sponsors to the excitement of everyone, but not me! This year I’m looking at these ads with fresh eyes, and find myself ticking off the clichés; the intricate skills, the studio created football stadia, the cultural diversity, the happy faces, pristine kits, net bursting shots and the mega rich celebs branded with either stripes or ticks. And to be honest I’m bored with it already.


Then we have the sponsors with more of the same, but not all quite as lavish as the $50 million Nike are reported to have spent. Throw in some product placement and the obligatory corny line at the end and you’ve got it.


Until they all got shown how to do it by a headphones company!


Beats By Dre (newly bought by Apple) really show how to create a piece of cinematic beauty, tap into the true emotion of the beautiful game (and, let’s face it, football is an emotional sport) and perfectly express their place in this world of glamour - the game before the game. As we all know great advertising is not about brand messages, it's about how it makes you feel, the emotions it can invoke in its audience and this one had the hairs on my neck standing up in the final 30 seconds especially and captivated from the very start! If you watch one World Cup TV ad this year, make it this one!


And in case you’re wondering here’s the rest:


Nike - Winner Stays On (we have some big names on our team)


Adidas - The Dream (seen it a thousand times before)


McDonalds - GOL (performing seals of soccer)


Coca Cola (yeah, everyone drinks Coke don’t they?)


Sony - One Stadium


Visa (Bolt... well that's all we need isn't it?)


Emirates - Fly Emirates (Pele makes up for that viagra ad, oh no he doesn’t)





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