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Christmas Gift

This year we’re celebrating the season for giving by sending out a Xmas gift that explodes with the sensations of summer and also tells a bit of a story about who we are.


Yummy locally produced fresh summer flavours combine with beautifully crafted packaging (check out the text handcrafted with water colour pencils) that exudes brightness, warmth and fun.


We chose Booch (Kombucha) because we’re all about discovering new things – new ways of thinking and new ways of doing. And then we like to share them with those we work with – so this summer we thought we’d introduce you to the latest craze in healthy fun summer drinks made by creative Wellingtonians doing cool new things.


We also value great partnerships and this project was an opportunity to work with three of our favourites – copywriter Sally Fisher, printers Pivotal Thames and Wellington Print Finishers all had an expert hand in realising the luscious packaging for our gift.


If you like what you’re hearing here’s where to find out where to get Booch –– or read a bit more about Kombucha and discover some fun cocktails to make your summer even more refreshing.


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