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OK to play? campaign

It’s always great to tackle a good news story and Pub Charity Limited’s OK to Play? campaign is no exception. While only a very small fraction of those who play gaming machines have a gambling problem our client is keen to ensure their gaming rooms are a positive and caring environment where players can enjoy the entertainment that’s on offer in a safe manner. In particular, they wanted to ensure that staff have the tools they need to help them with the challenging task of identifying problem gamblers, and the even more challenging task of opening a conversation with them.


We developed the ‘OK to Play?’ campaign featuring positive messaging and bright, sunny colours. The campaign has two strategic strands – one targeting staff to ensure they understand their responsibilities. It focuses on the signs of problem gambling and the accompanying message ‘Is everything OK?’ – a non-confrontational way to open a challenging conversation. The second targets players and its core message ‘OK to Play?’ is accompanied by secondary messages with sports overtones, reminding players that gaming is meant to be fun, safe and entertaining – and when it’s not, there may be a problem.


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