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Ministry of Transport

Transport Outlook

Our brief was to develop a distinct look and feel for the Ministry of Transport’s ‘New Zealand Transport Outlook’ – a wide-ranging collection of data to help inform decisions across the transport sector.


It is data-intensive, so engagement and navigation were key considerations – the designs also needed to align with the Ministry’s brand and provide a colour palette and design elements such as infographics and icons that could be used across a number of resources, both print and online.


Our concept was based on ‘navigating by the stars’, which is reflected in the imagery used. Throughout New Zealand’s history, travellers have referred to our skies to help us stay on track. In today’s world we are bombarded with a plethora of data that is so scattered it is hard to navigate. The content for the Outlook has been carefully gathered, curated and organized to make it accessible to all.


The intention is that Outlook will become a central information hub that can be constantly expanded upon and extended – so we created the ‘Go TO’ lock-up, signaling the Outlook as the first point of call for all transport related data.

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