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Ministry of Transport

Domain Plan

Scenario developed a suite of two core strategic documents and accompanying collateral for the Ministry of Transport: the New Zealand Transport Domain Plan, which ensures the transport sector has the statistics and information it needs to support evidence-based decision-making; and the New Zealand Transport Research Strategy, which provides an environment to ensure the right research investment decisions are made to support the sector’s future.


Because these documents are designed to support the broader transport sector (not just the Ministry), they needed their own look and feel. They provide a future-focused lens for the transport sector, and this formed the basis for our concept: the two complementary publications depict two halves of a diamond-shaped viewfinder; when the two halves are put together, they create the full picture and a clear vision for the sector’s future.


Supporting collateral included banners, summary brochures and a reference wheel, which is a practical desk tool to assess possible strategic directions.

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