Huia Feather Blessing

Before the beautiful trophy we designed for the IPANZ Gen-I Public Sector Excellence Awards began its journey to its final destination with the supreme winner, Scenario hosted a traditional Maori blessing performed by kaumatua Lewis Moeau, and attended by representatives of IPANZ and the Awards judges. The blessing was a moving ceremony and fitting for a taonga that represents the pinnacle of public sector projects and their contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand and its people.


We worked with Auckland jeweller Lisa West to craft a trophy based on the huia feather – huia feathers were often worn by chiefs, or given as mark of respect. The trophy shape also draws inspiration from the waka hoe, or oar, a symbol of paddling together or teamwork. The result is a trophy that reflects creativity and innovation in its design, and leadership and teamwork in its form – all characteristics strongly represented in the projects entered into the Awards.


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