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GNS Science

Annual Report 2014

We set two challenges for ourselves in designing this year’s GNS Science Annual Report. First, GNS Science gained a new CEO in this financial year, and we wanted to recognise the change and provide a fresh new feel for 2014 – challenging because the content would be largely the same as previous years. And secondly, we wanted to give readers not familiar with GNS Science an easy ‘in’ to the report and to the great work GNS Science does for New Zealand and New Zealanders.


Our overarching concept for this year was Resilience, and an inside front cover flap presented a physical demonstration of the link we were making between the concept and GNS Science. From there, we provided an overview of GNS Science’s contribution to New Zealand’s societal, economic and environmental well being in three spreads supported by illustrations that pick up on an aspect of GNS Science’s work.


It is a report that speaks to a wide range of readers – for those in the science community who want to delve into the scientific work that GNS Science does there is a comprehensive selection of science case studies from across the organisation; for those interested in company information, there is the full suite of governance and financial information; and now, for a broader range of readers, there is the opportunity to quickly gain a real appreciation of GNS Science’s work and the benefits it delivers.

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