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GNS Science

Annual Report 2017

GNS Science is one of Scenario’s oldest clients. We have been working with them to create their annual report for many years. This year’s brief consisted of two drivers.
One was to showcase Zealandia, the vast and 94% submerged continental shelf that GNS Science has spent years researching. The other was to introduce the people of GNS Science as one of its most valuable assets.


The concept for the report was to link Zealandia and the people of GNS Science together through the thread of discovery. The report cover sees us leaving a familiar
land and diving into the unknown beneath the ocean surface. A play on words and a foldout page help the reader to discover their own Zealandia and emphasise there is
still much to uncover. The 6% ‘above water’ line throughout the document helps reinforce this concept. We used large engaging pictures of GNS Science staff and their stories to portray the idea that it is people who discover our Zealandia’s and help bring science to the world.

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