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GeoNet Strategic Plan

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GeoNet is New Zealand's earthquake and volcano monitoring network, built up over more than 10 years by the GeoNet team at GNS Science and funded by the Earthquake Commission. GeoNet's activities - and its importance for New Zealand - have become a much greater part of the public's consciousness since the Canterbury earthquakes and the more recent seismic events affecting central New Zealand.


We were recently tasked with a document and presentation on the vision for GeoNet for the next 10 years: what needs to be done to provide further protection for New Zealanders from the earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that pose a constant threat to our lives. The strategic plan featured some very bold initiatives that have the potential to have a major impact on risk mitigation, and we presented a concept of equal boldness.


'Stepping up to the plate' was the theme for our document and presentation, a concept imbued with seismic importance that demonstrates not just that team GeoNet is ready to step up to the plate, but that the project’s funders, and indeed the wider NZ government will need to follow suit if these initiatives are to be achieved.


The design features a diagonal line used as a graphic device throughout that represents the boundary between the Pacific and Australia plates - the main source of our seismic activity. For the geeks among us, the angle of the graphic elements is 41 degrees - the angle at which the plate boundary cuts across New Zealand.


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