There is no doubt the context in which we live, connect and interact is fuller, faster and more complex than ever before, and this is increasing exponentially. Modern society is saturated with information, conflicting messages, new expectations and non-stop entertainment streaming – many people are suffering from information overload and too much choice. It is imperative we grasp the magnitude of this and where society is heading – for within this context is the need for exceptional insight and thinking if brands and organisations want to truly reach, connect, interact and communicate with an individual.


Knowing our audience or user better than ever before.


If you launch a rocket from earth, which is destined for the moon, and it is out by one degree on its trajectory when launched, then it will miss the moon. With the increase in new technologies and channels to reach people, the potential to miss individuals or get it wrong is greater than ever before.


Simplifying the complicated


I was privileged some years back to attend a presentation by a specialist law firm who could take four to five pages of complicated legal speak and distill this into a single, easy to read paragraph, without losing anything. It is our task to apply the same discipline, logical thinking and intuition to achieve a similar outcome in the work we do. The power is in knowing the essence – this is the driver.


Less is more


As outlined above, most people are becoming increasingly time poor and overloaded with information, choices and conflicting pressures. If something is confusing, looks like an effort, is an effort or boring individuals simply turn off and move on.




The unerring confidence of youth is often based on not knowing what you don’t know. As a young designer I really hoped talent was gold and this word ‘experience’, which I heard bandied about the agency, didn’t mean too much – especially as I didn’t have a lot of it then. Acquiring the appropriate knowledge, skills, life experience and insight takes time. Great thinking draws on a wealth of input and self-development.


Outstanding solutions, literally


There is so much competing for an individual’s attention and energy that to stand out and be noticed, let alone engaged, will require outstanding solutions.


Intuitive interaction and communication


This is where connection, engagement and communication is heading – the ability of technologies to intuitively interact with an individual. Websites, apps and future solutions will respond and intuit what an individual needs and deliver in a way that enhances their experience beyond what exists currently. It is important to grasp this potential now and work collaboratively to be at the forefront of this exciting development.


Making it easy…


…for both the client and target audience/user. This will be what people want/need most and require the greatest skill of all.



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